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Skills that can go on every daughter’s DAD’s Resume’ !

This picture post is a light take on many hats Dads don! There is no intention of any gender stereotyping. Indeed, many Moms teach Maths, and train as Commandos. Read our post on “Evolving Mom” for our take on amazing multi-tasking role-jugglers Moms are.

Why not “STRETCH” their Imagination?

Remember when you joined a new job, or changed department and had to learn tricks of the trade fast? Or when first learning to ride a cycle? or driving? Lifestyle adjustments with a new marriage? Most changes, and steep learning curves are linked with raised stress.

Turn “Bedtime” from “Dread-time” to “Fun-time” instead!

Our family friends are left amazed when my little girl runs to me with stars in her eyes and a smile just as bright as the 30 light bulbs chandelier hanging from my living room, as she asks me in an excited voice –“Mommy! Is it Bedtime yet?

Give space to your child’s fears

Parents are always grappling with child psychology, something that Moms feel, Dads know squat about! Then there is the “reared inside me for 9 months” argument, which is tough to knock out in any argument!

Secret Confessions of an Evolving Mom

As I skimmed through various Mom blogs with so many different names – Cool mom, Confused mom, Artsy mom, the Chef mom and so on and so forth I tried very hard to think of a name that would describe me best but soon enough, something dawned!