Education for us is not just business
it's a cause


Create and deliver effective and impactful instructional modules on relevant life values & responsible near-future-technology for 21st century learners. Build a strong tech-enabled curriculum aligned to NCF*/NEP with facilitator focus.


Our vision is to mainstream the thought & conversations that learning relevant Values & Life-skills is as important as learning Math, specially in formative years. Responsible adoption of near-future technologies is an equally critical component.


Ensure that all Valuez content is well-researched, inclusive. impactful & unbiased. Affordable for schools and focused on quality with ease of delivery. Open to feedback, and committed to a supportive partnership.
Harsh Roy
Harsh is a creative geek by soul, with strong operations and delivery experience. Grad & Post Grad from IIT Bombay, MBA (Gold Medal) from SPM, Gandhinagar. Founded in 2019, the Valuez brand focuses on impactful early education content based on values derived from Indian ethos, adapted to current social context.
Aditya Singh
Aditya is a Gen Z dreamer, who is not defined by a conventional description. Aditya’s passion lies in capturing stories through photography, an avid videographer and designer, his calling lies in processing raw inputs and converting into something aesthetic, pleasing or provoking to senses. He is a trained photographer, video editor, designer and responsible for Product design linked aspects for the brand.
Sonali Sharma
A born storyteller at heart, Mother of an 8 year old Myra, a Graduate in Communicative English, Post Grad in English Literature, B.Ed in Hearing Impairment and PG Diploma in Instructional Design. She has developed multi- sensory pedagogical learning techniques for children with multiple learning and physical impairments (Shishur Sevay, Kolkata, ) and UAE (Volunteer with Al Noor).

Why Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is Critical ?

• Emotional Intelligence:

Teach emotional intelligence skills to enhance self-awareness, empathy, and self-regulation.

• Holistic Development:

Promote well-rounded individuals through SEL, nurturing academic, social, and emotional growth.

• Conflict Resolution:

Equip students with communication and conflict resolution skills for healthy relationships.

• Mental Health and Resilience:

Prioritize SEL to boost mental health awareness and resilience for life's challenges.

• Empathy and Compassion:

Foster empathy and compassion to support others effectively.

• Self-Confidence:

Build self-efficacy and confidence to achieve goals.

• Positive School Climate:

Create a welcoming, motivating school environment through SEL.

• Global Citizenship:

Prepare responsible global citizens by promoting tolerance and cross-cultural understanding.

Why is responsible adoption of near-future tech critical to integrate seamlessly with curriculum?

• Digital Literacy for informed decision-making:

Equip students with vital digital literacy skills to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape and make informed choices.

• Future-Ready curriculum:

Blend technology education into the curriculum, helping students unlock the secrets of tech's power and boundaries.

• Mindful tech explorers:

Foster critical thinking to spot digital dangers like cyber pirates and info treasure maps.

• Defenders against Tech quicksand:

Arm students with skills to avoid the quicksand of misinformation, online swashbucklers, and tech addiction.

• Ethical Tech Pioneers:

Guide students through the ethical maze of AI, biotech, and automation, showing them how tech can impact society positively.

• Tech heroes in making:

Inspire a generation of tech-savvy superheroes who stand for ethical and responsible tech. Because with great tech power comes great responsibility!