At Valuez, our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, inspired by the NEP 2020, is a catalyst empowering K-12 educators to stay at the forefront of their fields while enhancing their professional practices.

Our workshop delves deep into the National Education Policy (NEP) of India, emphasizing the profound significance of values-based education in the curriculum.

This workshop is a compass for educators, guiding them on how to infuse values seamlessly into the classroom, fostering not just academic excellence but also moral and ethical growth.

Discover practical strategies, engage in insightful discussions, and learn how to create an inclusive, values-driven learning environment that empowers students to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The workshop enables the teachers to understand the art integrated education and its importance with reference to NEP2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valuez School?

Valuez School is a school content services brand owned by Valuez focusing on Social emotional learning, Life skills along with new age technology topics, encouraging safe adoption.

Social-emotional learning is crucial in schools, especially at a young age, as it helps children develop essential life skills like empathy, self-awareness, and effective communication, creating a positive foundation for their academic, personal, and social growth.

Responsible adoption of technology is vital for young students as it equips them with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly, fostering digital citizenship, critical thinking, and enabling them to harness the potential benefits of technology while mitigating potential risks.

What is SEL and which SEL framework does Valuez follow?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is all about helping students develop important life skills that go beyond academics. It focuses on nurturing their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, relationship-building abilities, and decision-making skills. As educators, we believe that SEL plays a vital role in creating a supportive and positive learning environment, enabling students to thrive academically, personally, and socially.

Valuez has deeply researched the National Curriculum framework and NEP-2020 guidelines for selection of topics. Additional references from CBSE Values handbook and CASEL framework have been widely used for creation of pedagogically strong instructional modules. Modules relevant for young students (Nursery to Grade 5)

What is responsible adoption of technology and Future-ready bulletins?

Young students born in the digital age are going to be exposed to technology in all its forms - both good and not so good. It is imperative that educators talk to them about new technologies in a shielded, responsible way - both the good side and the side one needs to be cautious about. Valuez has created 50+ “Techies with Ethics” modules on a vast range of topics including 3D printing, Metaverse, Blockchain & NFT, Artificial Intelligence tools, anti climate change technologies etc.

Future-Ready bulletins are designed specially for young students (Grade 4 to 10) and present tech advancements around the world in a relatable, fun and interesting way. Each bulletin is accompanied with an explainer which breaks down a key topic and explains to the students, to make them aware, understand and also ignite further curiosity. New bulletins are added every fortnight and can be played in any Science class.

What are the key components of Valuez products for Schools?

Valuez has following key products:

1. Valuez Teacher LMS - The learning management system is easy to use and integrable into an existing system or can be used separately. It is meant for usage within a classroom, preferably displayed through a projection system or smart-board/screen. It carries following key content:

A .SEL Instructional modules - Designed for learners from Nursery to Grade 5
B.Original stories and songs - The modules are built upon original interesting and meaningful stories and songs, with real characters and create real, lasting impact.
C. Future-Ready bulletins - These bulletins designed specifically for children carry a positive tone and message and stay clear of any negativity. The bulletins round up key technological advancements around the globe and present in a fun, interesting way. All bulletins carry an explainer on a relevant key topic.
D.Techies-with-Ethics modules - Each module focuses on a different new-age technology and explains from a building block level in an easy to understand and friendly language. There are 50+ and ever growing tech modules on topics like Nanotechnology, AI Tools, 3D printing, Reusable rockets, Blockchain etc
E.Computer 2.0 - These modules give children hands-on experience of using AI tools like ChatGPT, Dalle-2, Midjourney introduction, Bing etc.

2. Continuous Professional Development workshops for Teachers - Valuez provides the teachers with specialized certificate workshops on following topics as a part of its LMS package:

A.Values based education
B.AI Tools for education

Does Valuez provide any other services?

Valuez works closely with the school ecosystem and can provide any kind of content creation services as may be required by schools, at significantly below market prices. However, we prefer to provide these services only to schools with which we have professional association with in the form of LMS subscription etc.

Is the content provided by Valuez free of any bias, discrimination and is culturally appropriate?

Valuez takes all precautions to ensure that its content is devoid of any biases or inappropriate references, through a strong quality control process. We welcome any feedback on the same, and will take necessary steps to ensure quick redressal.